Last 15th of February the Director of Unibasq, Eva Ferreira conducted a seminar in Istanbul in the frame of EURIE 2018, Eurasia Higher Education Summit.

Under the title European Perspectives in Higher Education Funding and Quality Assurance, Ferreira addressed an international audience that gathered higher education institutions from all over the world, academic managers, deans, and directors, student advisors, and public agencies for higher education, research and innovation.

She started by recapping on the history of European Higher Education Quality Assurance since the Bologna Declaration of 1999, and stated the main strengths of quality assurance, being: recognition of qualification, credibility for agencies, and mutual trust and recognition.

It was also highlighted that the ENQA strategic plan for 2016-2020 aims to achieve transparency, independence, collaboration and integrity, bringing for the future a stronger political agreement for higher education, simplicity in the procedures, balance between diversity and common standards, and a reinforcement of the role of Agencies with the introduction of dual learning.