UPV/EHU has held a ceremony in Bizkai Aretoa today to pay a tribute to the 49 teachers who have received excellent qualifications in their teaching activities in the 7th and 8th calls of the years 2017 and 2018.

The ceremony was presided by Nekane Balluerka, Rector of UPV/EHU, accompanied by Adolfo Morais, Vice Councillor of Universities and Research Activities, and Eva Ferreira, Director of Unibasq.

In the same act, 62 people received a recognition for their dedication and support in evaluation programmes, together with 9 Higher Education institutions in which 50% of their teaching staff underwent evaluation processes.

In a day devoted to the recognition of the  excellence of the teachers in the Basque University System, Unibasq would like to recommend the article by Enrique Zuazua, “A los profesores de la carrera hoy ausentes” (“To the university teachers gone today”) that has been published today in several newspapers.

Read article (in Spanish)

Read Enrique Zuazua’s article (in Spanish)