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Degree of Achievement of Quality in Services

Quality is the key focus on which Unibasq activity is developed. Since it first commenced its activities, Unibasq has based its assessment processes on continuous improvement and internationally-recognised and standardised quality-based principles, such as standards and guidelines to guarantee quality in the European Higher Education Area.

The quality policy constitutes in essence a commitment on the part of all members of Unibasq to quality as reflected in their adherence to the principles set out in its Code of Ethics and Guarantees, the use of standards and guidelines for quality assurance in the EHEA (ESG) as a reference point for its assessment activities, and the maintaining of a quality management system based on the Euskalit – Advanced Management Model, among others.

Map of processes

The Unibasq quality management system pursues a process-based approach. The processes involved in the Unibasq Quality Management System are shown on the map of processes, together with the sequence and interaction between them.

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