The 1st International Congress “Dual University Training in the European Higher Education Area” has taken place in San Sebastian on June 17th as part of the Summer Courses that UPV/EHU organises this year.

Among the speakers that have taken part, the opening was carried out by Cristina Uriarte, Minister of Education of the Basque Government, and Nekane Balluerka, Rector of UPV/EHU, followed by the French and German experiences presented by Frédéric Sauvage, Director of FORMASUP Nord Pas de Calais and Bernd Bachert, Academic director of Technology-International Department of DHBW Mosbach, and the point of view of the labour market introduced by Iñaki Amiano, Sales manager of GISMA and Javier Gamazo, Industrial Manager of RPK.

After the coffee break, a round table was held, in which the audience was given the opportunity of listening to the impressions of dual training students Nerea Barandiaran and Diego Roussel, who were followed by Agustin Erkizia Vice-rector of UPV/EHU Gipuzkoa, and Ferrán Badía, Vice-rector of University of Lleida, who spoke about the present and future guidelines of their universities.

Eva Ferreira, director of Unibasq, closed the morning session speaking about the quality and framework for Dual Training.

The congress will be officially closed in the afternoon by the Chairman of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, Markel Olano, after the communications of the Congress.

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