Internal Organisation

Governing Bodies

Governing Board

The members of the Governing Board are:

The Chairperson, who is the minister of the Basque government’s department responsible for universities or the person delegated by him/her:
Jokin Bildarratz Sorron

The deputy-minister of the Basque government’s department responsible for universities or the person delegated by him/her:
Adolfo Morais Ezquerro

The director of the agency:
Iñaki Heras Saizarbitoria

The rectors of the universities of the Basque university system:
Eva Ferreira García (Rector of Universidad del País Vasco/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea)
Juan José Etxeberria Sagastume (Rector of University of Deusto)
Vicente Atxa Uribe (Rector of Mondragon Unibertsitatea)
Lluís Vicent Safont (Rector of Euneiz University)

A person with recognised academic merit appointed by the rector of Universidad del País Vasco/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea:
Idoia Fernandez Fernandez

Six persons appointed by the Basque University Council by a majority of three fifths of its members:
Ana Jesús Arrieta Ayestarán
OIatz Imaz
Patricia Pol
Eloísa Ramírez Vaquero
Juan Ignacio Ugartemendia Eceizabarrena
Belén Urosa Sanz

One student member, who must be elected by the specific body for the participation of Basque university students:
Celia Rino Pardo

Minutes Summaries (Spanish).


Since November 2019, Iñaki Heras Saizarbitoria has been the Director of Unibasq (his appointment was extended by an agreement of the Agency’s Governing Board in December 2023).

Technical Bodies

Advisory Bodies

Ethics and Guarantees Committee

– María Dolores Calvo Sánchez (University of Salamanca), proposed by the Unibasq Advisory Board.

– Francisco José Ausín Díez (Institute of Phylosophy, Centre of Social and Human Sciences (Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), proposed by the Unibasq Governing Council.

– María del Lluc Nevot (estudiante), proposed by the Unibasq Students’ Consultative Committee.

– Unibasq technical support: Eva Fernández de la Bastida.

Code of Ethics and Guarantees

Internal regulation (in Spanish)


The Consultative Students Committee

The Consultative Students Committee of UNIBASQ was created to show the student opinion collegially and to be able to support the activities of any person or body of the Agency.

– Iñaki Heras Saizarbitoria, Director of Unibasq.

– Celia Rino Pardo, student representative on the Governing Board.

– Cristina Alvarado Díaz, student representative on the Advisory Board.

– Clara Isabel Urbán Martín, student representative on the DOCENTIA Committee.

– Markel Serrano Felipe, student representative on the AUDIT Committee.

– Pedro Torralbo Muñoz, student representative on the Evaluation Commitees of Study Programmes.

Regulation (in spanish)

Organizational Structure


logotipo observatorio

Observatory of the Basque University System