Institutional Evaluation


In the year 2007, Unibasq signed an agreement of collaboration with ANECA in order to participate in the Procedure of Recognition of Internal Quality Assurance Systems (IQAS) of University Education: AUDIT.

The process of constructing the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and the new changes introduced in the Spanish regulations are promoting the introduction of procedures for assuring quality in the work of the universities, with the aim of promoting continuous improvement. For this purpose it is recommendable that universities should have IQAS and policies that are formally established and publicly available. In accordance with the above, ANECA in collaboration with the AQU, ACSUG and Unibasq agencies have, in a coordinated manner, developed the AUDIT Program. The purpose of this initiative directed at the university centres is to guide the design of quality assurance systems, which should integrate the activities that have been developed to date related to the guarantee of quality of teaching. Although these guidelines are directed to the centres, there are transversal elements directed to the university as a whole (for example, with respect to academic staff, material resources and services, etc.). As support for the universities in the development of these policies of quality, the university evaluation agencies have developed a series of documents directed towards this aim. read more


In the year 2007, UNIBASQ signed an agreement of collaboration with ANECA for the development of the Program of Support for the Evaluation of Teaching Activity (DOCENTIA) in the Basque University System.

The purpose in launching the DOCENTIA programme is to meet the requests of the universities, and the need of the Basque educational system, to have available a model and procedures for improving the quality of the university teaching staff. The program has been designed in such a way that, within the autonomy of the universities, it orientates their activities while at the same time strengthening the increasingly relevant role that universities should play in the evaluation of teaching activity and in the development of training programs for their teaching staff.

Taking the ESG for Quality Assurance as a reference, DOCENTIA aims to ensure compliance with standard 1.5. “Teaching Staff”, which sets out that institutions should avail themselves of the means to ensure that their staff are qualified and competent to teach. read more

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