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DOCENTIA Committee


Docentia evaluation scheme Follow-up Commission

This Commission reviews periodically the established evaluation scheme and the framework procedure in order to improve them. It takes into account the new requirements and needs related to the teaching activity evaluation and makes the necessary changes to assure the quality of the evaluation. The Commission is made up of a president and secretary named by ANECA and a member of each of the agencies involved in the DOCENTIA evaluation scheme.

Designs evaluation commission

Commission made up of 5 to 6 members, whose función is to evaluate and, if so, approved the procedures designed by universities in order to develop the evaluation of teaching activities.

Designs implementation evaluation commission

Commission made up of 5 members, some of them should be external experts or experts who have taken part in the evaluation of the designs. This Commission is in charge of the review of the implementation of the teaching activity evaluation designs by the universities. It makes improvement proposals for the implementation of the evaluation designs and, when necessary, the recommendation to start the certification process. The composition of this commission consists of:

  • President: Gregorio Rodríguez Gómez.
  • Secretary: Eugenia Llamas.
  • Member: Ricardo Arlegi Pérez.
  • Student member: Clara Isabel Urbán Martín.
  • Technical Secretary: Idoia Collado Arrúe.

 Resolution of 14th April of 2021 (Spanish)

 Resolution of 20th January of 2021 (Spanish)

 Resolution of 11th April of 2018 (Spanish)



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