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Evaluation Committees


Evaluation Committees for Academic Staff Accreditation

The Evaluation Committees must act in accordance with the Unibasq Code of Ethics and Guarantees and with total independence and impartiality.

They will be composed of academics with a proven track record. Each committee shall comprise a majority of academics from universities outside the Basque university system. The members of the evaluation committees are appointed for a three-year period and may not be re-appointed in the three years following the end of their term.

The Committees are organized by fields and areas of knowledge as follows:


1.- Medicine and Health Sciences Committee

Members: María del Val Bermejo Sanz and Jokin de Irala Estevez.
Secretary: Miriam Echevarria Irusta.

2.- Technical Sciences Committee

President: Helena Coch Roura.
Members: María Paloma Díaz Pérez, Jaime Domínguez Abascal, José Ramón Montejo Garai and Sonia Sánchez Sáez.
Secretary: José Angel Irabien Gulias.

3.- Experimental Sciences Committee

Members: José  Ramón Alonso Peña, Cesar Arrese-Igor Sánchez, Ana María Graña Rodríguez, Iñaki Pérez de Landazábal Berganzo and María Luisa Perez García.
Secretary: Marta Viana Arribas.

4.- Humanities Committee

Members: Iraide Ibarretxe Antuñano, Aritz Irurtzun Sviaguincheva and Ana María Fernández García.
Secretary: Julio Polo Sánchez.

5.- Legal and Economy Sciences Committee

President: Martin Larraza Quintana.
Members: Ana Isabel Pérez Cepeda and Mikel Tapia Torres.
Secretary: María José Fernández Pavés.

6.- Social Sciences Committee

President: Jon Andoni Duñabeitia Landaburu.
Members: Andrés Arriaga Arrizabalaga, Tomás García Calvo and Pastora Moreno Espinosa.
Secretary: Bella Palomo Torres.

UNIBASQ ensure that for evaluating the figures, the memebers of the committes will equal or superior to that category for which recognition is intended.

Resolución of 9th of september of 2022, (Spanish).

Resolución of 25th of january of 2022, (Spanish).

Resolución of 17th of september of 2021, (Spanish).

Resolución of 29th of october of 2020, (Spanish).

Resolución of 30th of september of 2019, (Spanish).

Resolution of 24th of september of 2019, (Spanish).

Resolution of 11th of january of 2019, (Spanish).

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