EQUALITY PLAN OF UNIBASQ (in spanish) (Approved by Governing Board on 19th November 2018).

Unibasq’s mision is to contribute to the improvement and innovation of the Basque University System, meeting international quality standards, and answering the interest of society in higher education. Education is a fundamental right, as so it is equality, both being bond inextricably. Unibasq must guarantee university education in equality values that will be transmitted through inclusive and integrating messages.

The creation of a Committee for Equality on 8th of March 2017 has allowed for us to approach this task with the required sensitivity and importance deemed necessary and to advance in issues pertaining gender perspective. In addition to the activities of the Committee, it is also the responsibility of all the staff to transmit and implement all measures taken by it and to disseminate equality values.

The main axis of the Plan for Equality are: training, family conciliation, use of non-discriminating language, and the inclusion of gender perspective in degree evaluation processes.

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