Social Responsability

Code of Ethics and Guarantees 

(endorsed on 15th July 2019)

The values governing the activities of Unibasq and all its members are reflected in the Code of Ethics and Guarantees. This document,  in addition to the commitment of all members to observe the behavioural expectations in the Code, ensured via the signature of the attached Appendage “Acceptance of the Code of Ethics and declaration of confidentiality, impartiality and absence of any conflict of interests”, establishes the procedures of the Code of Ethics and Guarantees of Unibasq.

Ethics and Guarantees Committee:

  • María Dolores Calvo Sánchez (University of Salamanca), proposed by the Unibasq Advisory Board.
  • Francisco José Ausín Díez (Institute of Phylosophy, Centre of Social and Human Sciences (Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)), proposed by the Unibasq Governing Council.
  • María del Lluc Nevot (estudiante), proposed by the Unibasq Students’ Consultative Committee.
  • Unibasq technical support: Tamara Cantabrana Chávarri.

Communication with the Ethics and Guarantees Committee is open, in accordance with Article 7 of the internal regulation. (in Spanish)

Activity Reports 2017 (in Spanish)


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