Notification of the results of the 2018 Transfer Call and information on the correction process

Unibasq will send to the applicants of the Transfer six-year terms of the 2018 Call the notification with the result of the evaluation from CNEAI (ANECA) when this body sends the pertinent evaluation reports necessary to issue the corresponding resolution by Unibasq.

However, the correction process is still in force and the deadlines regarding it will resume from June 1, 2020. Likewise, the deadlines to evaluate and notify will resume from the same date. Therefore the computation of the administrative terms that have been suspended will be resumed from June 1, 2020, if this had been foreseen in a norm with the rank of law approved during the validity of the state of alarm and its extensions.

In order to properly correct your request for the transfer six-year terms evaluation, you must follow these steps:

1- Check what the CNEAI (ANECA) requests you in its notification in order to correct it adequately.
2- Access the computer application of the CNEAI (ANECA) where you made the request and correct what is requested.
3- Close your application in the CNEAI computer application (ANECA) once what is requested has been corrected.
4- REGISTER the application with your electronic signature in the application of the CNEAI (ANECA). An electronic signature with an identification of IZENPE, DNIE, or alternatives approved and issued by the National Mint and Stamp Factory is required.
5- Access the e-administration of and go to MY FOLDER and provide the documentation related to the correction in your file, that is: you must attach the document generated by the application of the CNEAI (former summary document, not the DRAFT) and the CNEAI registration document (ANECA – Ministry). (Follow the steps described in our help guides and other documentation published on the Unibasq website:

For inquiries related to the correction sent by the CNEAI, call 609934275.

If you have other questions, please send an email to