On 11 and 12 November, the conference “New Horizons in University Quality” organised in Tenerife by the Canarian Agency for University Quality and Educational Evaluation (ACCUEE) and the Foundation for Knowledge madri+d was held, in the framework of the activity carried out by the Spanish Network of University Quality Agencies (REACU).

The workshop brought together experts in the field of the quality assurance of HE to analyse the major challenges in the field in view of the major transformations that these institutions have undergone in recent decades. Among others, the following persons attended the conference: the Secretary General for Universities, José Manuel Pingarrón, representatives of the European Register of University Quality Assurance Agencies (EQAR) and the European Association of Quality Assurance Agencies (ENQA) and technical and managerial staff from the quality agencies from REACU. Among other topics, the following issues were addressed: micro-credentials, joint programmes between several European universities accredited by different agencies and the challenges of quality assurance in HE and the 2030 agenda. Unibasq participated together with the German agency AQAS on a workshop on joint programmes and their evaluation “The European Approach for Quality Assurance of Joint Programmes – Lessons learnt and pending challenges” and participated in the round table “European Approach and European University Alliances”.